Simon Waters

Underground Manager

Lanfranchi Project (February 2008 — November 2012)

I have worked with Andrew and the team from Perseverance Drilling, Underground Pty Ltd over a number of years.

Whether it has been a short notice, small term contract, or a long term campaign, Perseverance Drilling have always been able to find a way to accommodate us.

They have shown flexibility with both machinery and rosters to fit in and around my production schedules

The team always seem to be on top of things, whether it was safety, manning or machine availability, Perseverance Drilling put in the time to make sure things were working to my satisfaction.

Perseverance Drilling have been a good contractor to deal with, informed operators, mechanical reliability and easy access to management made my job easier.

Jock Lawrence

Mine Foreman

Eltin Mining Pty Ltd, Victor Long Complex

Perseverance Drilling provided a contract drilling service to Eltin Mining at Victor Long Complex between November 1997 until March 1999, when the operation went into care and maintenance.

Perseverance Drilling proved to be a highly skilled, safe reliable contractor that worked in with everyone on site. They operated a range of Atlas Copco rigs that always had good availability. Using their Simba H157, they were able to drill in our smaller drives allowing us to mine thin vein ore bodies. When asked to drill drags in flat dipping stopes, they invented a laser clino to accurately drill the drags. Then later when we wanted to trial interconnecting reamers for starting slots, they invented a system to guide a second reamer to drill alongside a previously reamed hole.

Overall Perseverance Drilling were a very professional contractor with a good safety record. They were a very easy subcontractor to work with.

John Addink

Mine Foreman

Black Swan Nickel Pty Ltd, Silver Swan Decline (2002–2004)
Silver Lake Resources Pty Ltd, Daisy Milano Gold Mine (2007–2011)

Perseverance Drilling, Underground Pty Ltd worked for me at both Daisy Milano and Silver Swan Declines. They completed both short term campaigns and later a longer term contract at Daisy Milano.

I found them to be reliable and always operated in a safe manner. They were very flexible contractors who were always very accommodating when dealing with last minute changes to mine planning schedules.

Their operators were of a high standard who liaised well with the engineers and always provided good feedback. Their drill rigs and ute reliability was up there with the highest industry standards.

The back-up service from maintenance and management was excellent and there was always top rate communication with our personnel.