Perseverance Drilling, Underground Pty Ltd’s aim is to ensure that the end product of any task undertaken is of the highest quality possible. Management and employees are committed to continuous improvement.

Perseverance Drilling, Underground Pty Ltd in the past has been called upon to provide a client’s total drilling requirements as they want the production drilling to be completed by people dedicated to drilling alone. They want a contractor with high level drilling skills and experience, hence they call on Perseverance Drilling.

Sometimes this will be a fully manned rig. In other cases we have provided a rig on a long term basis, however only partially manned the rig, essentially giving the client an extra one half of a rig. In a case such as this, at busy times we can increase the manning levels, thus smoothing out the peaks and troughs of a client’s drilling demand to meet their mining cycles.

In other situations clients have contracted Perseverance Drilling to complete one specific part of their drilling requirements, whether it be developing slot rises, drilling cable bolt holes or conducting their Sludge Drilling programs. These can be short or long term in duration. Once again the manning levels will be provided to satisfy the clients requirements.

Perseverance Drilling, Underground Pty Ltd is also often contracted in on a campaign basis to drill a set amount of metres to increase the mines drill reserves or complete a special project. This has provided many of our clients the breathing space for their own rigs to get on top of everything after a busy period, or during a rebuild of one of their existing rigs.

Perseverance Drilling’s personnel are highly skilled long term drillers, however we still create step by step training and assessing tools to ensure all of our personnel are up to our standard. Whilst the company started with long hole drilling, over the years we have conducted other styles of drilling and associated activities. Again each of these activities has been accompanied by extensive training and assessment.

Perseverance Drilling, Underground Pty Ltd performs a wide variety of tasks and has been very innovative over the years as described in the About us section. We are always prepared to look into developing a new system to fulfil a client’s needs. Currently we perform the following;

Top Hammer, Long Hole Production Drilling

With a range of rigs as depicted in the Equipment section, Perseverance Drilling, Underground Pty Ltd completes Long Hole drilling from 51mm to 89mm using from a R32 string up to a T51 string. We have extensive experience drilling in thin vein ore bodies as well as bulk stoping. These rigs are also regularly utilised for drilling out rises for slots and ventilation purposes.

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Automatic Drilling & Tele-Remote Control Drilling Capabilities

Perseverance Drilling, Underground Pty Ltd has 3 models of rigs that are capable of automatic drilling and are regularly operated in auto drill. They are the Simba M7C, Simba M6C and the Simba E7C. We also have developed a pack for tele-remote drilling on any of these rigs. The remote-control panel is connected to the rig via an 80m umbilical cord. The operator also has 2 cameras to position that show on a screen at the control panel, to enable them to view what is happening at the rail. The remote control pack can be fitted to any of the above rigs if required by the client.

Foam and Mud Drilling

Utilising our Top Hammer fleet we can drill using drilling foams and muds when required. We have shown these to be extremely effective in broken ground. This type of drilling does take patience, however we have been able to give clients usable holes in ground that other contractors have said was un-drillable.

Cable Bolt Drilling and Installation

Again using any of our Top Hammer fleet we can drill holes for cable bolts to be installed into. With four different rail lengths for our Simba 157 fleet, we can get into some very small drives if required. We also have designed and built the Perbolter for mechanical installation of fully grouted cable bolts up to 30m in length. This can be used in conjunction with any of our rigs.

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Sludge and Probe Hole Drilling

Any of our Top Hammer rigs can also be used to capture sludge samples. We have in the past completed contracts where the mine wanted us to catch all the cuttings from our production holes, to a 7 year job involving sludge drilling in advance of all of the mines ore development for grade control.

Grade Control Diamond Drilling

To allow a small mine to utilise one rig to complete both long hole drilling and grade control diamond drilling, the Simba 157 Multipurpose Percussion and Diamond Drilling rig (MPDD) was developed. In a shift this rig can be converted between a Long Hole Percussion rig and a Diamond Drill rig. With a multi skilled workforce, a high level of grade control can be achieved with the same machine that completes the production drilling. This rig is ideally suited to small scale thin vein gold mines.

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Labour Hire

Perseverance Drilling, Underground Pty Ltd has provided personnel to operate other companies rigs as well as for maintenance and training purposes. Whilst this is not a major part of our business, we sometimes undertake these jobs to assist a client.