Safety is central to our business

The senior management team at Perseverance Drilling, Underground Pty Ltd demonstrate their commitment to safety through visible leadership and active involvement with the site based personnel. This is then supported by our constantly reviewed and updated procedures and processes. This enables us to give our clients piece of mind knowing that they are getting the safest service we can provide.

It is our belief that safety plays a key role in all our business activities. At Perseverance Drilling, Underground Pty Ltd we strive to be the leader in safety through our culture of looking for issues before they arise. We do this by training our personnel to the highest standard and positive enforcement that safety and quality go hand in hand with production. This is then backed up by job specific training and procedural improvements. We strive to be the leaders in our field and pride ourselves on our safety standards across all our projects. We take pride in our safety statistics, which we consistently measure against our competitors and the major mining companies.

All personnel employed have extensive experience, gained from many years in the drilling industry. They not only have an interest in drilling, but also a strong belief in safety in the workplace, safety of themselves and safety of other personnel. By doing this it means that everyone works toward a common goal, resulting in a very professional service.