• Site Workshop / Store at Lanfranchi
  • Site Workshop / Store and Daisy Milano
  • Kalgoorlie Workshop
  • Summer night at The Workshop
  • LH004 heading to site
  • Using the Perseverance Drilling “Laser Clino”
  • Transporting Simba 1257
  • Transporting Simba 253
  • Simba 253 Heading to the Workshop

Thin Vein Mining

  • Drilling with a Simba 157 at Victor Long Nickel Mine
  • Recording a completed hole
  • Collaring a hole at The Mount Mine
  • The driller adjusts the feed pressure
  • Adding a rod
  • 20m Thin Vein Stope at The Mount Mine
  • Thin vein stope at Wendy Gully
  • Drilling close to the Hanging Wall
  • Drilling single hole pattern at Kundana
  • Blowing out a Down Hole
  • Foam drilling in broken ground conditions
  • Fired stope at Kundana
  • Drilling thin stopes 45º dip at Victor Long
  • Drilling at Victor Long Nickel
  • Fully Stung rail drilling with Simba H157
  • Simba H157
  • Fully Stung rail, drilling thin vein stope at Victor Long

Long Hole Drilling

  • Drilling with a Simba 1257 at Jaguar
  • Operating a Simba 1257
  • Long Hole Drilling at Daisy Milano
  • Simba 253
  • Drilling using RDSA Hybrid Drifter
  • The solitude of Long Hole Drilling
  • Long Hole Driller at work
  • Operate a Simba 253
  • Drilling at Daisy Milano
  • Fully stung rail using Simba H157
  • Drilling with a Simba 157 at “The Mount” gold mine
  • Keeping an eye on the collar
  • Drilling a long hole rise
  • Drilling down holes with Simba 253
  • Drilling up holes with a Simba 253
  • Driller keeping an eye on the collar
  • Drilling at Beta Hunt
  • All going well
  • Simba H253
  • Simba H1357
  • Simba H1357
  • Simba H1257

Slot Rises using Wombat 22-30

  • Drilling with the Wombat 22-30
  • Adding a rod
  • Pulling rods
  • Inserting stabiliser
  • Collaring a hole
  • Wombat 22-30 set up
  • Wombat 22-30 ready to collar
  • Wombat 22-30 ready to tram
  • Wombat 22-30 set up
  • Wombat 22-30 set up
  • Using the rod handling crane
  • Loading a stabiliser
  • Operating the Wombat 22-30
  • The Wombat 22-30 drilling
  • Recording drilling parameters
  • Drilling large diameter holes at Jaguar
  • Large diameter hole at Jaguar
  • 17 ½” Bit (450mm) and stabiliser
  • Wombat 22-30 drills down to a 45º dip
  • Wombat 22-30
  • Rod trailer and rod handling crane
  • Part way through collaring at Miitel
  • Collaring a 450mm hole at Miitel
  • Greasing the thread before adding a rod
  • Operating at Miitel June 2015
  • Slot Rises at Miitel
  • Miitel 2015
  • Close up drilling a slot rise at Miitel
  • All going well
  • Starting a new rod, drilling a slot rise

Grade Control Diamond Drilling

  • Tramming the Simba H157 MPDD
  • LM45 fitted to a Simba H157
  • Simba H157 MPDD
  • Diamond Drill module
  • Operating the Simba H157 at Daisy Milano
  • Conducting grade control drilling at Daisy Milano

Cable Bolt Installation

The Perbolter installation head has a full range of movements
The control panel operates by wifi, thus the rig can be operated from the best position
The Perbolter carrrier is a Normet carrier
Installing cable bolts at Lanfranchi Nickel Mine
Installing vertical bolts
Installing horizontal bolts
The Perbolter
Installing “fill in” cable bolts at Lanfranchi
The operator has the ability to position the panel for best view - In this situation, the operator was installing a “fill in” cable bolt. The bolts above him had over 25 hours curing time.
The Perbolter