Photo of Simba H157 / Boomer H104 drill rig

Simba H157 / Boomer H104

The Simba H157 is a compact, electric hydraulic boom-mounted top hammer, long hole drill rig. It is capable of drilling holes with a diameter of 51mm to 76mm up to 30m in length and reaming holes to a diameter of 127mm. Its boom mounted rail makes it capable of performing 360º ring drilling. It can also drill parallel holes up to 3.4m apart from the one set up.

Photo of Simba H1257 drill rig

Simba H1257

The Simba H1257 is a compact, electric hydraulic, rig boom-mounted drill rig with 13 rod carousel. This top hammer rig is designed for small to medium sized drives and is capable of drilling 51mm to 89mm diameter holes and reaming to 127mm. Its boom mounted rail makes it capable of performing 360° ring drilling. It is also capable of drilling parallel holes up to 5.7m apart from one set up.

Photo of Simba H1357 drill rig

Simba H1357

The Simba H1357 is a very versatile boom mounted top hammer long hole drill rig. This rig is designed to drill holes from 51mm in diameter to 89mm. The rig is capable of drilling up to 51m in length, however has the capacity to mechanically load rods up to 33m. The boom mounted rail allows it to drill 360° ring drilling with a dump angle from 10° backwards to 90° forward. The rig has a vertical reach of 6.1m and can drill parallel holes up to 5.9m apart. The boom has a 1.6m extension.

Photo of Simba M7C drill rig

Simba M7C

The Simba M7C is a very mobile electric hydraulic, top hammer production drill rig, capable of drilling in drive sizes larger than 4.5m to 4.5m. By utilising a range of drifters, this rig is capable of drilling the following holes, 51mm using R32 speed rods, 64mm using T38 speed rods, 76mm using T45 speed rods and 89mm using T51 speed rods. The Rig Control System (RCS) provides efficient and high precision long hole drilling, whilst ensuring an ergonomic working environment and long consumable life.

Photo of Simba M6C drill rig

Simba M6C

Production long-hole drilling rig with top hammer drill. The Rig Control System (RCS) provides efficient and high precision long hole drilling, and also ensures an ergonomic working environment and longer consumable life. Ring drilling with parallel holes upwards/downwards up to 3.0m apart. Hole diameter 51m to 115mm.

Photo of Simba E7C drill rig

Simba E7C

Hydraulic long hole production drill rig for medium to large size drives, with excellent cover area and flexibility. Hole range from 51mm up to 127mm. The Simba E-Series is equipped with a boom-mounted drilling unit for improved versatility, adaptable to any challenge for example drilling parallel holes upward and downward up to 4.5m spacing.

Photo of Simba 157 MPDD drill rig

Simba 157 MPDD

The Multipurpose Percussion and Diamond Drill (MPDD) was designed to provide clients with a unit that can complete a sites Production Drilling requirements as a regular Simba 157, then with a shift changeover it can be used to drill diamond core for grade control. A LM50 diamond drill was fitted to a Simba H157. All of the top hammer control system has been left in place and the diamond drill control system has been fitted in parallel. This multipurpose rig was designed with small scale mines in mind. Mines that don’t have enough production drilling to fully utilise a rig and yet where good grade control is essential. This rig can also be used as a stand-alone Diamond Drill capable of holes up to 120m in length.

Photo of Perbolter drill rig


The Perbolter has been built utilising a Normet 1814B carrier which was fitted with a modified Sandvik cable grouting system. The rig is powered by a Mercedes Benz 2016 Diesel engine with a diesel particulate filtration system fitted. The instillation head has been designed to allow the full range of movements which allows instillation of bolts in dumped rings as well as 90° rings. The operating system utilizes a state of the art WIFI control system, thus allowing the operator to have full control over the operating system while providing the utmost safety. With the counting system that has been designed into this unit, it enables the operator to know how much grout is pumped into a hole, the depth of the grout hose and the depth of the cable.